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Famed SU-05 OPTIMA is a group of operating tables whose functionality has been optimally selected so that a single unit can be used in any surgical field. Features and options include remote control, electric wheel locks, modular design, a maximum load capacity of 460 kg or carbon-fiber table tops and housings. The “low” version is also one of the world’s lowest mobile constructions. Famed OPTIMA is a precision surgical table.


A single table can be used for most surgical positions and accesses, thanks to the possibility of using additional accessories. The low minimum height (550 mm – variant 5.20), combined with extreme lateral and longitudinal tilting, ensures a complete positioning range. Emergency operation systems enable operation in the event of a fault or power failure (configuration and availability depending on variant). OPTIMA offers a full range of settings, high performance, a high lifting capacity of up to 460 kg and excellent platform translucency, while maintaining an economically reasonable price.


The modular platform can be disconnected using intuitive quick-connectors (“press-to-play” approach), which are secured to prevent them from being “ripped” off the platform. Accessories are designed for one-person operation, reducing table handling time. The table is very easy to handle – both the T-base and the H-base are equipped with castors, making OPTIMA fully mobile. Dedicated controllers are intuitive and easy to use, and built-in systems to prevent accidental activation protect against unplanned position changes. The table detects key sections of the modular tabletop, eliminating the risk of collision and suggesting appropriate actions to the user in the event of danger.


The table is designed for maximum ease of imaging and the clearest possible radiological images. The carbon top (available in some variants) is the result of our experience with the TotalClear™ top, which we use in the FLARE model – the safest imaging table in the world. Longitudinal displacement is up to 400 mm, providing a very long zone of transparency. OPTIMA allows 360° X-ray imaging over a length of 890 mm, and the length of the imaging window on the table reaches 1500 mm (with appropriate accessories).

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Warranty : 12 months

Ref : IBSLTD48