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Spengler Pediatric Diagnostic Pack: The Ally for Children’s Health

Introducing the Spengler Pediatric Diagnostic Pack, the complete and reliable solution for accurate monitoring of children’s health in a medical setting. Each component of this pack has been meticulously selected for its precision, child-friendly design, and ease of use, ensuring a reassuring experience for young patients and an efficient one for healthcare professionals.

Included in this pack:

  • Spengler Mobi Mechanical Manometer Tensiometer + 3 Cuffs: Measure blood pressure with unmatched precision using this tensiometer equipped with an ergonomic manometer and three interchangeable cuffs. Suitable for all pediatric ages, it ensures a reliable and comfortable measurement for newborns to older children.
  • Spengler Smartled 5500 Pediatric Otoscope: Explore the auditory canal and eardrum with precision thanks to cutting-edge LED technology. Its playful and original design, resembling a bird, transforms each examination into a less intimidating experience for children.
  • Spengler Oxyfrog Pulse Oximeter: Quickly and accurately obtain oxygen saturation and heart rate measurements. Its fun frog-shaped design and backlit LCD screen captivate children while providing clear and easy-to-read vital data.
  • Spengler Pulse II Single Bell Pediatric Stethoscope: Listen with exceptional acuity to cardiac and pulmonary sounds. Designed for the comfort of young patients, this colorfully joyful stethoscope is an integral part of our harmonious diagnostic set.

This pack offers not only leading diagnostic tools for pediatric healthcare professionals but also a gentle and playful approach to medicine for children. Invest in Spengler quality to enhance the well-being and health of young patients.

Warranty: 1 year

Ref: PDSP01