Sigma Delta atomiser

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The Sigma Delta vaporiser delivers precise concentrations under a range of flow and temperature conditions, particularly at low flow rates.

– Free service *
– Selectatec®, Dräger Plug-In®, Dräger Auto-Exclusion®, Dräger North American, Cagemount
– Superb performance, particularly at low flow rates
– Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane
– Key fill, Quik Fil® or Fill
– low weight

Penlon and IBSCGMedical are committed to a long and successful relationship with all our customers. Our comprehensive warranty provides the user with one year’s parts and labour cover.
Contact us to obtain the technical data sheet or other information.

* Assumes a ten-year service life with no need for preventive maintenance. It is recommended that a service be carried out at ten years. Halothane vaporisers require a five-year service. † Automatic exclusion not available in the USA