RespiAid2 portable oxygen concentrator

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The Plusmed RespiAid P2 portable oxygen concentrator is used on prescription by patients requiring supplemental oxygen. It delivers a high concentration of oxygen to patients. It provides a high concentration of oxygen and is used with a nasal cannula to deliver oxygen from the concentrator to the patient.

The Plusmed RespiAid P2 is small, portable and can be used at home, in institutions and in a variety of mobile environments. The Plusmed RespiAid P2 portable oxygen concentrator complies with all FAA acceptance criteria for the transport of portable oxygen concentrators and their use on board aircraft.


  • Lightweight 1.98 kg: no heavy tanks, no heavy carts
  • Mini size: 221*85*160mm, very small, easy to carry
  • 5 flow settings: From 1 to 5 adjustable flow rates, to meet different oxygen
    oxygen requirements.
  • Pulse oxygen supply: Plusmed RespiAid P2 equals 5 liters.
  • High-efficiency molecular sieve: Efficient adsorption capacity, can purify more pure oxygen.
  • Powerful compressor: A powerful compressor can provide stable flow
  • Triple filtration: Effectively removes pollen, coarse particles, dust and other impurities from the air.
  • Battery: Standard 8-cell battery Up to 4 hours

Ref: PLUS18