SAIO Proteins

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Electrophoresis system for proteins / on cellulose acetate / compact

New electrophoresis instrument

Dedicated to the automation of electrophoresis on cellulose acetate
Manufactured in Italy and presented at the Dubai exhibition ( Arab Health ).

Functional features :

Attractive design
Fully automatic
Very small
Easy to use
Integrated computing
Integrated Voice System.
Takes up just 50 cm of space.
Up to 16 tests in a single process.
Simple software
Technical specifications:

Type of analysis :

Serum proteins: albumin, alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta 1, Beta 2, Gamma

Bands :

Electrophoresis on cellulose acetate
Supported on Mylar Wet cellogel
Possibility of using the 4-sample or 8-sample strip
Serum Protein Kit & Haemoglobin: 400 Test ( 50 strips of 8 samples ) 200 Test ( 50 strips of 4 samples )

The front panel output of the computer from the Saio makes it possible to interact with an external device such as a mouse, printer and monitor or Internet for remote controls.

Technical sheet

Ref : IBSCG2248