SOM 22 ® ENT microscope Kaps

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Kaps SOM 22 examination microscopes are the epitome of compactness, flexibility and quality. They offer exceptional image sharpness, remarkable user-friendliness and unrivalled reliability. Designed for flexible and precise positioning, this microscope allows users to sit comfortably while working in a relaxed manner, promoting ergonomic posture.

Mounted directly on the ENT unit, this microscope combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design. Easy maintenance is a major advantage, with most components within easy reach.

Featuring brilliant apochromatic optics and ultra-bright coaxial illumination, SOM 22 produces exceptionally clear three-dimensional images with a wide depth of field and vibrant colours. This precision provides optimum control for reliable diagnostics. With cold-light illumination (15V/150W) and 3-level magnification (5-level optional), plus 10x eyepieces (12.5x on request), it meets the most demanding requirements.

As an option, it is also available with LED lighting offering a colour temperature close to daylight for optimum visual comfort. Uniform illumination of the field of vision reduces fatigue, while its long life of around 50,000 hours and low energy consumption make it an economical and ecological choice. What’s more, the LED illumination, integrated into the microscope’s swivel arm or head, generates little heat and is incredibly quiet.

All in all, the Kaps SOM 22 microscope with LED illumination offers an advanced viewing experience, combining performance, comfort and durability to meet the most demanding needs.

Warranty: 2 years

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