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Sterilizable Medical Instruments for Dermatology

To ensure safe and efficient surgical practice, here is a selection of essential medical instruments designed to be sterilized and reused:

  1. Needle Holder: Essential for performing precise and secure sutures.
  2. Iridectomy Scissors: Specially designed for delicate operations on the iris.
  3. Dissection Scissors & Adson Dissection Forceps: For precise tissue dissection and meticulous handling.
  4. Hemostatic Forceps: Crucial for controlling bleeding and securing blood vessels.
  5. Surgical Scalpel (blade and handle): Essential tool for incising tissues with precision.
  6. Kidney Dishes and Bowls of Various Sizes: To organize and contain small instruments or samples during surgery.
  7. Instrument Box: Allows for the storage and sterilization of surgical instruments together.
  8. Biopsy Punch: Used for taking tissue samples for histological examination.
  9. Curettes: Ideal for debriding necrotic tissue or taking tissue samples.
  10. Insulated Electrode: For procedures requiring precise electrocautery without affecting surrounding tissues.

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