Orthopaedic Traction System Surgiline 1000

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The B1çakc1lar Surgiline 1000 orthopaedic traction system can be easily fitted to the B1çakc1lar Surgiline 3000/3000R, 2000R, 2000E, 2500 and 550 series operating tables by means of a simple connection.

Intended for standard operations, the table becomes suitable for orthopaedic and traumatological operations with the traction system.

The system is designed for C-arm X-ray scans.

The parts of the body in contact with the patient, made of disinfectant-resistant electro-polished stainless steel, are covered with protective cushions to guarantee tissue safety.

The Surgiline 1000 orthopaedic traction system, an arm traction accessory, is designed to facilitate operations in the arm, hand and wrist area.

Standard accessories

  • Table link
  • Adjustable traction arms Traction boats (for adults) Traction supports that can be raised with the table
  • Precision-adjustable traction mechanism

Optional Accessories

  • Lateral femur traction support – Banana
  • Orthopaedic traction system Arm traction system

Ref : M4X 372 5 0