Surtron TOUCH 200HP scalpel (New)

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One move, multiple operations
Two surgeons can work simultaneously and integrated argon unit.

Discover the SURTRON TOUCH HP, the new generation of electrosurgery combining performance, ease of use, modern design and exceptional reliability.

The major strengths of the new SURTRON TOUCH HP lie in its ability to meet the demands of microsurgery and precision surgery in both monopolar and bipolar modes. Its radiofrequency generator is designed to offer cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing optimum results during the most delicate surgical procedures.

The SURTRON TOUCH HP user interface features a large touch screen, making it easy to set up the device initially and adjust parameters throughout the procedure. This intuitive design provides a fluid user experience, enabling the device to be used without any learning curve.
The ease of use of the SURTRON TOUCH HP means significant time savings for healthcare professionals. Thanks to its ergonomic design and advanced features, this revolutionary device adapts perfectly to your needs, while guaranteeing optimum performance.

Choose SURTRON TOUCH HP and discover a new era in electrosurgery, where cutting-edge technology meets practicality and efficiency.

SURTRON TOUCH HP enables highly professional surgery with ergonomic and safety solutions. The neutral electrode connection is constantly monitored, and if a split neutral plate is used, the device monitors the contact between the patient and the electrode. The ability to switch functions and adjust the handpiece power supply means that procedures can be carried out without distracting attention from the operating field.

Simultaneous activation of monopolar and bipolar functions
Contemporary double monopolar
Contemporary double bipolar
Integrated ARGON unit
Impedance-dependent power control
Control of power as a function of impedance _ Activation of power by foot pedal and/or handpiece
Control of contact between electrode and neutral patient
TUR saline cutting function
TUR saline cutting function _ Modular cutting in wet conditions BLEND
Vessel sealing to clamp vessels up to 7 mm
Can be used for minimally invasive surgery
Monopolar and bipolar functions
Autostart / Autostop in bipolar mode
Adjustable sound intensity
Supplied with all accessories

Disposable handle (x5)
Reusable handle
Electrode kit (x3)
Electrode cleaning sponge
Waterproof and explosion-proof double foot pedal (x2)
Power supply
Neutral electrode cable
Disposable split neutral electrode (x5)
User manual
Warranty: 1 year

Technical data sheet

Rff: 10400.T902