Thrombocyte Agitator 60

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Stirrer for stored thrombocytes


  • Specially designed to keep thrombocytes moving
  • Medical grade stainless steel
  • Low weight
  • Space-saving, elegant and practical
  • Different blood bag storage capacities to suit your needs
  • Can be used alone or in combination with our
  • Climax series climate chambers

Innovative design

  • Space-saving, elegant and practical
  • All applications in a single unit
  • Ergonomic, low-cost structure
  • Environmentally-friendly materials
  • Independent drawers
  • Integrated protection against pockets falling out
  • Impressive range of applications
  • Easy to use
  • Robust, long-lasting use
  • Multiple pockets possible
  • Quiet and reliable

Advanced, intelligent technology

  • Flexibility of use with all types of blood bag
  • Integrated immobility alarm
  • All the space you need
  • Technical specifications:

Ref: IBSLTD167