Two-Cylinder Air Compressor

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Two-Cylinder Air Compressor SD70/8GL (35 L)

The SD70/8GL air compressor from Bader, featuring Italian design and rust-proof paint for internal water tank protection, is the ideal solution for dental offices in need of a reliable, quiet, and low-vibration compressed air source. With the capacity to support 1 or 2 dental sets, it presents a versatile choice for professionals.


  • Design: Italian with anti-rust treatment.
  • Capacity: Vertical tank of 35 liters.
  • Operation: Very quiet, minimal vibrations.
  • Configuration: Available with or without an air condenser; equipped with an air dryer.

Technical Specifications

  • Tank Capacity: 35 liters.
  • Speed: 1400 RPM.
  • Power Supply: Single-phase motor 220V – 50Hz.
  • Consumption: 850W.
  • Power: 1.1HP.
  • Maximum Pressure: 8 bars.
  • Flow at 5 bars: 103 l/min (3.62 CMF).
  • Flow at 8 bars: 165L/min (5.80 CMF).
  • Noise Level: 55 dB (A).
  • Weight: 35 kg.
  • Dimensions: 660 mm (H) x 400 mm (W) x 420 mm (D).


  • Includes 2 cylinders, dryer, and filter for optimal air quality.


  • With Air Condenser: Ref: ACON350.
  • Without Air Condenser: Ref: ACON351.


  • 2 years, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for the dental professional.

This Bader air compressor is designed to meet the specific needs of dental offices, offering an efficient and durable solution for compressed air, with the added benefit of quiet operation and easy maintenance.