Vaculine Maxi E

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For the operating theatre, intensive care unit, emergency room and outpatient clinic

2, 3 and 5 litre single/double canister combinations

Use with canister systems 0-680/710 mmHg suction power (at sea level) Vacuum steering function (jar selection) *

Vacuum value adjustment and 100 mm easy monitoring with a vacuum gauge Flow rate (air flow): 50 lt/min.

Possibility of using one collection jar while emptying another

Ergonomic operation with 25-degree control panel angle Double safety device prevents liquid from escaping into the pump:

  • Float system,
  • Hydrophobic filter:
  • Can be inserted into the slot in the pot lid, can be easily monitored when the filter is dirty and can be easily changed. Allows air to pass through and prevents fluid from filtering in the suction process
  • Prevents fluid from passing from the jars to the pump during the suction process.
  • Steering arm
  • Basket for suction tubes at the rear of the machine * Cleaning solution container and pump
  • Cleaning solution container and two suction tube holders Transparent polycarbonate jars The 2 and 3 litre jars can be autoclaved: The 5 litre jar can be cleaned using mechanical disinfection.
  • Light signal indicating that the unit is working
  • Quiet, dry vacuum pump: It makes a significant contribution to preventing airborne infections in operating theatres and clean areas. It requires no maintenance and no periodic oiling.
  • 1400 rpm pump
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant polyester epoxy powder-coated metal casing
  • Mobil
  • 100 mm diameter, 360° swivel, four wheels with two brakes
  • Supply voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz Power consumption: 145W Dimensions:
  • Vaculine Maxi: 485 x 650 x 985 mm
  • Vaculine Maxi E: 485 x 655 x 965 mm Weight:
  • Vaculine Maxi: 35 kg Vaculine Maxi E: 32 kg Pack size: 630 x 630 x 1080 mm

Ref: M4E 650 0