Vacuum cleaner for pregnancy termination

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The AS-12BR mucus aspirator (battery) is an electric suction unit for body fluids, oral, nasal and tracheal suctioning for adults and children. It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. Its action frees airways obstructed by body fluids or secretions (blood, saliva, etc.).

The operating principle is as follows: once the device is switched on, a pump is activated, creating a vacuum within a collection jar positioned on the device. This action triggers suction of the liquid in the victim’s throat, via a single-use probe connected to the AS-12BR mucus aspirator (battery-powered) by a flexible tube, thus clearing the patient’s airways. The collection jar has a capacity of over one liter.

The features of this professional medical device make it particularly suitable for use with patients during transfer procedures, as well as in emergency medical services for intubated patients.

The device is equipped with a suction regulator and a vacuum indicator on the front control panel. A dimmer switch is used to adjust the machine’s settings.

The AS-12BR slime extractor (battery-powered) is designed for continuous operation. Its suction capacity is 36 liters per minute. Its high-quality motorization ensures you’ll be able to use this equipment for almost a thousand hours (service life of 1,000 operating hours or 3 years).

Warranty: 1 year

Ref: 26590RAF