Ventilator Vento 62

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Vento 62 ventilator

The Vento 62 is an advanced ventilator for adults and children, with different ventilation modes to meet ICU requirements. The system is equipped with a 15″ TFT touch screen.

Patient type: Adult, Pediatric (>5kg)
15″ TFT touch screen
Built-in battery operates for up to 120 minutes
Ventilation modes VCV, PCV, SIMV(V)+PS, SIMV(P)+PS, Sigh,
Spont/CPAP, PRVC, Dual PAP, NPPV, Sleep/Stand-by, Manual
Tidal volume 20-2000ml
Ventilation frequency 1-100bpm
Inspiration time 0.1-10S (increment:0.1S)
FiO2 21% – 100%
Flow trigger 0.5-20L/Min
Pressure trigger – 20-0cmH2O
Pressure control 5-70 cm H2O
Pressure support 0-70 cm H2O
Electronic PEEP 0-50 cm H2O (increments: 1cm H2O)
Pulverizer 30 minutes
Monitoring: Volume: VTI, VTE, MV, MVspont. Pressure: Ppeak, Pmean, Pplat, Pmin, PEEP
Frequency, fspont, I:E, FiO2, Compliance, Resistance
Waveform: P-T, F-T, V-T, Optional: SpO2-T, EtCO2-T
Loop: P-V, F-V, F-PV
Trend: Peak, FiO2, PEEP, MV, VTE, VTI
500 system registrations (set-up and alarm)
Three-level audible and visual alarms
Volumes: VTE high/low, MV high/low; Pressure: Foot high/low
O2 supply pressure high/low Air supply pressure high/low
Apnea, high continuous airway pressure
Freq high/low FiO, high/low
Communication interface LVDS, RS232, PS2
2-year parts and labor warranty.

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