Wireless headlamp for ENT

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The Faromed® headlamp, a benchmark in comfort and practicality, is designed to be cordless and equipped with a modern Li-Ion rechargeable battery, offering both intense brightness and extended operating time.

Thanks to a high-power LED, this headlamp provides intense, even illumination to meet the most demanding requirements.
Its ergonomic leather headband ensures a comfortable fit, allowing professionals to concentrate fully on their work without any discomfort.
The ball-and-socket joints provide optimum flexibility for adjusting the light to suit specific needs, offering customised comfort of use. The on/off switch, conveniently located on the battery, ensures easy, practical operation.

In short, the Faromed® headlamp combines high-quality light performance, comfort and practicality, to provide a reliable and ergonomic lighting experience for demanding professionals.

Warranty: 2 years