Xenox DR500 Digital radiography system

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The Xenox DR500 is a versatile, fast X-ray system suspended from an amorphous silicon flat panel that delivers higher-quality images at a lower dose.


High-frequency, high-voltage generator
Vertical wall bracket
Mobile carbon-fiber X-ray table
Advanced imaging system
Ergonomic ceiling suspension design
Automatic tracking function
One-touch positioning function
One-touch swap function
Advanced APR function
Pre- and post-processing of imaging function
Advanced flat-panel technology – Amorphous silicon
Superior image mosaic technology
Tissue equalization technology
Easy-to-use workstation
Powerful DICOM compatibility
Panoramic imaging function
Ultrasound collision avoidance

Lateral range of motion 0~1800mm
Vertical range of motion 200mm(manuel)
Tube rotation angle (horizontal axis) -45 ° ~ 90 °, 0 ° and 90 ° with auto-stop function
X-ray tube rotation angle (vertical axis) ± 135 °, every 90 ° locking (manual)
Detector movement range 400~1820mm
Detector rotation angle -20° ~ 90°, electric
Remote motion control with remote control function table
Maximum bed load capacity 200kg
Carbon fiber bed panel
Aster mode brakes
Tube voltage range 40~150kV
Focus 0.6/1.2 mm
Anode rotation speed 2700 rpm
Heat capacity 300kHU
Air-cooled” cooling process
Photographic current 10-640mA
Generator power 56kW
Shooting time 1ms-10s
Highest KV 150KV
Network control
AEC in three directions
Detector pixel matrix 3072(h)X3072(v)
Image display time 8s
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

Technical data

Ref. IBSLTD159