Xenox M80 mobile radiography system

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Xenox M80 is a mobile X-ray unit designed for X-ray examinations at the patient’s bedside and in the emergency department.

Super performance

The limited weight of the Xenox M80 unit makes it easy to maneuver and move.
The equipment can easily overcome small obstacles, such as the difference in level between the bottom of the elevator and the corridor
The automatic standby braking system is a passive safety feature that prevents the mobile X-ray unit from rolling uncontrollably downhill.
Thanks to the unit’s compact size, the operator has good visibility during transport.
The operator can easily position the equipment using the appropriate handle.
Thanks to the special movement of the support arm and the fork of the X-ray source, the operator can easily center the X-rays.
The X-ray source is very easy to use, even at ground level.
The control panel is microprocessor-controlled, with digital display of X-ray parameters, enabling quick and easy interpretation and selection of examination parameters on the LCD screen.
The control software can be updated using a standard PC with serial port capability.
The arm is equipped with a four-bar linkage system and balances independently.
The function of the arm assembly is to support the X-ray source suspended above the operating area, keeping it perpendicular to the examination surface.
The arm’s articulation point is equipped with a coupling system to maintain the arm’s extension in the desired position and to position the machine quickly, with the minimum of maneuvering to speed up the examination.
The attractive design and colors have been chosen to limit the emotional impact on the patient, taking into account the ergonomic features linked to the practical use of the device.

Automatic filament current control and protection
Overcurrent and overvoltage protection (kv, ma)
Protection against maximum X-ray tube load
Operator error or malfunction indication
Antistatic rubber front swivel wheels
Automatic stand-by braking system
Container for 6 X-ray cassettes
Variable focus-to-floor distance 47-204cm
Monoblock fork rotation ±180
Rotation of monoblock in fork 0° / +90


Various generator powers from 15 to 30kw
Rotating anode at 3000 rpm from 15 to 30kW
Rotating anode at 10000 rpm in high-speed version available
Minimum exposure time 1ms
Maximum exposure time 6300ms
mAs 200 to 400
Voltage from 40 to 125 kV
RTM anode
Small focus from 6 to 0.75mm
Wide focus from 25 to 1.3mm
Manual operation
Radar field 43x43cm
6 storage cassettes
20×4 character LCD display
Collimator with laser pointer and pediatric filter
2-year parts and labor warranty

Technical data

Ref. IBSLTD158