Xenox RAD 400 digital radiography system

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The Xenox RAD 400 is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and radiographic performance. It is available in both conventional and fully digital configurations.


Four-way table top for easy patient positioning
Variable top height
Dedicated tomography configuration
Ionization chamber (optional)
Low-absorption tabletop
Available in digital configuration with single or dual detector
Tomographic capabilities
Electromagnetic brakes on all system components

Longitudinal table movement +/- 40 cm
Lateral table movement +/-12 cm
Anti-scatter grid distance 49 cm
Tabletop height 73 cm
Distance between table top and film 9 cm
Maximum patient weight 250 kg
Anti-diffusion grid
Manual compensation of vertical X-ray tube movement with electromagnetic brake stop
Transverse movement of tube arm with electromagnetic brake stop 15 cm
Vertical sliding from floor to X-ray center from 52 cm to 195 cm
Manual rotation around horizontal tube axis +/- 110°.
Rotation around vertical X-ray tube axis +/- 180
Maximum distance between source and film 120 cm
Check compatibility of collimator predisposition with X-ray tube
Check compatibility of tube predisposition with collimator
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor

Technical data

Ref. IBSLTD160