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Z50 Ultrasound: A New Dimension in Medical Imaging
A powerhouse of technology for precise diagnostics and optimized patient care. The Z50 ultrasound represents excellence in the world of medical imaging. Designed to exceed the expectations of healthcare professionals, it brilliantly combines high performance, advanced clinical applications, and optimal ergonomics. Facilitating the transition from a black and white system to a state-of-the-art color Doppler solution, the Z50 redefines diagnostic standards, offering unmatched speed and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • PSH™ Technology: Enjoy exceptionally clear images with phase shift harmonic imaging, ensuring superior contrast resolution and significant noise reduction.
  • iBeam™: A fusion of multiple scanning angles for a final image with improved contrast resolution, for optimal visualization.
  • iClear™: This technology advances unprecedented image quality, with sharp contours, homogeneous tissues, and distinct anechoic areas, thanks to automatic structure detection.
  • 3D/4D Imaging: Advanced features such as 3D/4D Flip & Sync for enhanced exploration and understanding of the image volume from all angles.
  • iLive: For stunningly realistic fetal views, iLive uses an advanced rendering algorithm, simulating a skin-like image quality.
  • Smart Face and Smart OB: Quick optimization of the fetal face and automatic measurement of fetal parameters for precise and simplified diagnosis.
  • iScape™ & ExFOV: Extended panoramic experience for a complete view of anatomical structures, with improved diagnostic perspective.
  • B-Steer™: Accurate guidance for biopsy interventions, improving needle visibility for increased safety and efficiency.

Workflow Optimization:

  • iStorage™: Easy and fast transfer of images and reports to a PC, facilitating data sharing and archiving.
  • IMT: Automatic measurement of carotid wall thickness for refined cardiovascular diagnosis.
  • iTouch™ & iZoom™: One-click image optimization, for instantly perfect image quality, and simplified fullscreen visualization.
  • iStation™ & iWorks™: Integrated patient information management and reduced scanning time through advanced standardization.

With Mindray’s Z50 ultrasound, enter a new era of medical diagnosis where performance, precision, and ergonomics meet to provide an unmatched experience. Choose excellence for your diagnostics with the Z50.

Probe Models and Configurations:

  • 28716IMA: Z50 Basic Features: This model offers the Z50 platform without a probe, allowing customization according to the specific needs of the practitioner.
  • Z50 with Convex Probe 35C50EA Applications: Ideal for Abdomen, OB/Gyn, Urology. Benefits:
  • This configuration is perfect for general and specialized exams requiring deep penetration and a wide scanning area.
  • 50 with Micro Convex Probe 65C15EA Applications: Designed for Abdomen, Cardiology, Pediatrics. Benefits: Offers excellent image quality for pediatric patients and cardiac applications, thanks to its small footprint and high resolution.
  • Z50 with Micro Convex Probe 65EC10EA Applications: Specific for Prostate, OB/Gyn. Benefits: This probe is optimized for detailed exams in obstetrics/gynecology and prostate, providing precise images for reliable diagnosis.

Z50 with Linear Probe 10L24EA Applications: Small organs, OB/Gyn, Musculoskeletal, Pediatrics, Vascular. Benefits: The linear probe is ideal for surface exams such as soft tissues, musculoskeletal structures, blood vessels, and pediatric exams, offering exceptional image resolution.

Warranty: 1 year with 2 years of warranty extension

Ref: IBSZ50