IBSGROUPE LTD stands for Informatique Business Solutions Groupe and is a UK company specialising in the following services:

32500 – Turnkey Supplier of medical and dental equipment and supplies
47749 – Retail sale of medical and orthopaedic equipment on specialised premises (excluding hearing aids)
62020 – Computer and related engineering activities
62030 – Sale of medical and high-tech equipment, management of computer equipment installations.

As a TurnKey Supplier, IBSGROUPE LTD responds exclusively to the needs of structures (whatever their size), mainly in Europe (except UK) and Africa, but also worldwide.
In a constantly changing social, technological and health environment, IBSGROUPE LTD responds to the global expectations of IT and health professionals (medical analysis laboratories, hospitals, EHPAD, consulting rooms, pharmacies), but also to other trades and individuals, in terms of guaranteed quality and price.

We work mainly with certified manufacturers and European group purchasing structures for consumables and medical equipment.

For the marketing of medical devices and digital solutions, we have the necessary export and distribution licenses, as well as qualified personnel consisting of a project manager, installation technicians, and certified doctors.

We attach great importance to the constant improvement and development of our manufacturers’ products. In this way, we not only maintain the quality standards, but we can also propose improvements with the agreement of our manufacturers.

Through our website, we provide all professionals and private individuals with the necessary equipment, whether medical or high-tech, to meet all demands.