3 section Medicare couch

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Medicare 3-Section Couch – Electric

The 3-section electric Medicare couch provides a very stable and versatile support surface for prone, supine and seated treatment procedures and examinations.

– Safe working load and lifting capacity of 240Kg.

– Adjustable backrest from horizontal to +85˚..

– Adjustable angle head/feet section from -25˚ to +75˚.

– Excellent height range from 45 cm to 98 cm.

– Retractable wheels and adjustable feet for added stability.

– Free space under the frame for a mobile hoist.

– Pre-drilled frames for adding accessories.

– Antibacterial powder coated frame.

– Standard width of 70 cm, easy to clean upholstery.

Several options are available:

– Hydraulic.

– Gas assisted.

– Other colors available.

Technical Sheet

Ref : IBSCG1856

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