Adult silicone insufflator (Ambu Oval Plus)

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Made in the EU

The Ambu Oval Silicone Plus insufflator, designed for the ventilation of adult and pediatric patients, is reusable.

It has a unique flap valve which is also used in the Ambu Mark IV model, making it compatible with both balloons.

The silicone texture of the insufflator combined with its grip handle allows a comfortable grip and prevents possible fatigue problems in case of prolonged ventilations.

The set is optimized to visualize the patient’s reactions during ventilation.

The valve is made of three parts and has only one flap to allow easy and quick removal of a foreign body during use.

The valve has a locking system that allows it to be tightly attached to the insufflator.

Operation of the patient valve flap during insufflation: when the insufflator is compressed, the air closes the valve flap, which seals the expiratory connection. The air is then delivered to the patient through the mask connection.

Operation of the patient valve flap during exhalation: When the insufflator is released, the valve flap closes the inlet side. The air exhaled by the patient is then discharged through the mask connection and the exhalation connection.

Models to choose from:

-18087MBU: Single flap valve, without mask and without reservoir

-18088MBU: 1-flap valve, without mask and with 1.5 l O2 tank

-18089MBU: Single Flap Valve, with T5 monoblock mask and 1.5 l O2 tank

-18090MBU : Valve 1 valve, with T5 inflatable cushion mask and 1.5 l O2 tank

Technical Sheet

Ref : IBSCG2432

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