Antimicrobial iodized incision pads 3M_2

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Boxes of 10 3M Iodized Antimicrobial Incise Drapes.

The 3M™ Ioban™ 2 Incise Drape features continuous broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity that helps reduce the risk of surgical site contamination.
The drape adheres firmly to the incision edges, providing a reliable barrier against skin microorganisms.
The incision drape is made with a “low memory” film that conforms to skin contours and stretches to allow for limb manipulation.
Available in a wide range of sizes to meet your procedure needs.
Easy application
3M™ Ioban™ 2 antimicrobial iodized incision drape, incision area: 56 cm x 60 cm, 1 drape, 10 drapes/box, 4 boxes/carton

Antimicrobial incisional surgical drape with an iodophor impregnated adhesive that allows for incision on a sterile surface and provides antimicrobial activity throughout the procedure.

Ref: IBSCG380

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