Autoclave 8 Liters Class B

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Autoclave 8 liters class B with USB and double safety lock. (Icanclave-Germany)

A cycle can only start if the door is properly closed
Automatic system with double hydraulic safety locking device, prevents the door from opening while the chamber is présurísée.
The safety valves avoid the excess pressure of the generator and the chamber.
A safety thermostat prevents overheating in the room and the generator.
An automatic safety latch prevents the door from accidentally opening during the sterilization process. The electrical protection automatically cuts off the power if there is a short circuit or if the power supply is not stable.
Fault alarm, indicates an error in the cycle and the error code is displayed.
Door alarm indicates that the door is not secure.
Low water level alarm indicates that the tank level is too low or too full.

Technical Specifications:
Nominal Voltage: 220-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 10A
Room Dimensions: 170 x 320 mm
Circuit breaker: F16A/400v
Nominal power: 1500 VA
Sterilization temperature: 121 º C/134 º C
Capacity of distilled water reservoir: 2.5 L
Operating temperature: 5 º C/40 º C
Operating relative Humidity: Max. 80%, not condensed
External Dimensions: 414 x 365 x 530 mm
Net Weight: 34.5 Kg
Max noise level: < 70 DB
Operating atmospheric pressure: 76 kpa/106 kpa

Distilled water reservoir
Control Panel
Main Switch
Tap for distilled water and dirty water drain
USB Port
Safety Valve
Ventilation grid
Locking system
Power cable

Accessories included:
2 Trays for instruments
Tray Support
Extraction Pliers
Door Adjustment Tool
2 Drain Hoses
Door Seal
Instructions for use

This 93/42 medical health Directive.
97/23/EEC pressure Equipment Directive.
EN 13060 Water vapour sterilizers of small size.
En 61326, en 61000 electromagnetic compatibility.
EN 61010-1, UL 61010-1 safety requirements.
EN 61010-2-040, IEC 61010-2-040 specific requirements for steam sterilizers used for the treatment of medical equipment.
Sterilization program (see instructions)

Technical Sheet

Ref : IBSCG1543

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