Autoclave Sterilizer 18 Liters

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Autoclave sterilizer of 18 Liters [Class B].

Thanks to its simple and quick inspection system, the tanks can be checked and cleaned directly by the operator, without the need for a specialized technician.
The water used for sterilization is thus always clean, to guarantee a high quality value and thus, a completely reliable sterilization.
The thermal paper printer is integrated.
It provides all the information related to the cycle carried out: date, name of the operator who carried out the operation and its result.
To ensure greater security, it is possible to check the information on the sterilization cycles carried out at any time.
It is equipped with an air-water separator as standard. This device reduces the effort of the vacuum pump, thus prolonging its service life.

4 predefined sterilization programs (134°C / 4′ in routine – 121°C / 20′ and 2 “RAPIDO” cycles – 134°C / 4′ – 134°C / 18′ for low loads
40 last cycles always in memory which can be consulted and printed at any time
3 test programs: vacuum test – Bowie & Dick – Helix
Connection to an “intelligent” water demineralizer. The autoclave manages its own water needs (optional)
Stainless steel sterilization chamber
Reversible support for 4 trays or 3 cassettes
Triple safety door locking system to prevent accidental opening
Certified bacteriological filter
Safety switch
Requires demineralized water
Installation and start-up included.

Technical Sheet

Warranty: 1 year

Ref : IBSCG2273

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