Automatic Frontofocometer (Lentimeter)

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Automatic frontofocometer (Lentimeter)

The CLE 70 is an automatic frontofocometer with a sliding frame support combined with an original chin rest.

These two features facilitate the measurement of pupillary distance, lens power and axis.

This device allows instantaneous measurement and reading of UV transmission, as well as automatic identification and measurement of progressive lenses.

The CLE 70 is equipped with a special contact lens holder and a tiltable color display for use in a sitting or standing position.

Sliding frame support for easy measurement of pupil distance, lens power and axis.
Instant measurement and intuitive reading of UV lens transmission.
Measures all types of lenses. Dedicated contact lens support.
Automatic identification of progressive lenses.
Tiltable color screen for ergonomic use in standing or sitting position.

Ref : IBSCG842

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