Bladderscan BVI6100

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The BladderScan BV6100 Bladder volume instrument, with VMODE ® technology, is a portable 3d ultrasound instrument that quickly, accurately and non-invasively measures urinary bladder volume and post-empty residues (PVR) in Patients.
Bladder Volume Range: 0-999 ml
Precision: The following precision specification assumes use according to the instructions when measuring a phantom Verathon ® equivalent to the measured fabric:
Volume bladder: ± (15% ± 15 ml)
Sample measured volume of 150 ml: 15% (22.5 ml) + 15 ml = 37.5 ml
150 ml + 37.5 ml = 187.5 ml
150 ml-37.5 ml = 112.5 ml
Duration of measurement: less than 5 seconds
Weight: Less than 309 grams (11 ounces)
Power supply: 3.7 V Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable
Display: Liquid crystal display
Water Resistance: Classified IPX1 (level of protection against drops, leaks and splashes of water)

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