BT-350 LED Fetal Monitor

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BT-350 Liquid Crystal Display is a Fetal Antepartum Monitor showing FHR, and FM on the LCD display screen to check fetal health.

BT-350 LED has the same functions as the LCD type except having the large 7 segment LED showing all setting parameters and not having the trend mode.

It also has an event marker allowing a pregnant woman in bed to indicate the point of fetal movement by pushing the button herself when she feels the movement coming.

Characteristics :

Ultrasonic sensors 9 crystals with frequency 0.985 Mhz-Waterproof sensors (US and CU)
Integrated battery
Easy to carry
F ‘Tal movement tracking
Easy wall installation
International adjustable scale
Included: sensors, event marker, CTG straps, ultrasound gel and paper


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