CORSIX R32 ACCU (mobile analog radiography)

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The Mobile X-Ray Systems by G E Health Care is a revolutionary device that realizes the problem of patients who cannot travel to get their X-rays. Being portable, the image technology has now been brought to the patient. With its innovative and practical design, the advanced imaging technologies used in the device make X-ray examinations the best and most accurate treatment for patients. This unit can be used in any medical environment like operating rooms, emergency department, pediatric and orthopedic wards, etc. The unit has down an automatic narrow device, an automatic CLOSE system so it does not remain idle for long periods.
Technical characteristics:
Mobile unit x -ray, H.F. controlled by microprocessor X-ray generator . Power 32 kW . 100 kHz xray generator. Rotating anode x-ray tube, focus 0.6-1.3mm. Max values 425mA, 125kV, 220mAs. With touch screen LCD console, 240 anatomical programs. Equipped with internal batteries that allow up to 85 X-ray exposures without being plugged into electrical outlets.

Delivery time: 4 to 8 weeks

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