Cytology for benchtop centrifuge

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For decades, specialists have valued the classic Hettich cytology system for its high cell yield and the quality of the preparations.
The quality of the preparation is decisive for the microscopic analysis.
In addition to the conventional 4-, 6- and 8-place free rotors, Hettich now offers two 12-place cyto rotors: an open and a closed rotor.
All accessories for the required application are combined in one set. Take advantage of our sets for cerebrospinal fluid and urine cytology analyses!
Cytology laboratories wishing to use alternative procedures to the usual Hettich method (e.g. Shandon®*) can now use a Hettich laboratory centrifuge for this purpose. This eliminates the need to purchase a special cytology centrifuge.
The new 12-place cyto rotors are suitable for the benchtop centrifuges ROTOFIX 32 A and UNIVERSAL 320.
They can be easily inserted and removed without tools.

Ref: IBSCG2792

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