Défibrillateur Semi-automatique Saver One

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Efficient and easy to use: reliable for all rescuers even without minimum training
Semi-automatic version
Thanks to its interactive help with pictograms, light icons and clear voice message, it will guide you through all
steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation for a safe rescue. Designed for public use, it allows in
3 steps, the administration of a rapid and effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest in order to optimize the first care
rescue before the arrival of first aid services.
In semi-automatic mode, it will recommend that the operator press the shock button only in the event of cardiac arrest
suddenly. The fully automatic mode is designed to deliver the therapeutic shock automatically without pressing a
button or other operator intervention.
– Small and really light, it works with a long-lasting lithium battery, lifespan 4 years or 300 shocks.
– Daily automatic test and status indicator (led light)
– Display screen for a text message (simultaneous recovery of the voice message)
– Bar graph indicating the battery capacity
– Information button with bilingual mode
– Integrated metronome for better cardiac massage assistance
– USB connection
– 1 Gb internal memory
– SD memory card (optional)
Each defibrillator is delivered with:
– 1 waterproof and shockproof transport bag
– 1 pair of pre-connected adult electrodes (30 month warranty)
– 1 first aid kit
– 1 complete set of wall signs
– 1 lithium battery
Guarantee: 12 months

Ref : SJSAVE07

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