Dental chair

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Automatic adjustment for seat and backrest positions zero position + 3 automatic working Multi-articulating anatomical headrest backrest EX swivel right armrest switch keys with joystick driver distribution unit “” 1.4 QVF “” (Ref.307), hummingbird system 2 position handpiece (Borden or Midwest connection) + 1 syringe with three voices.

Counterbalance flexible arm with pneumatic lock articulated plate support.

Operating light “” Concept “” (Ref.403) light capacity: from 8,000 to 24,000 Lux continuous adjustment light head in ABS, waterproof type.

On/off switch on the base of the chair.

Water unit “” QF “” (Ref.508)Swivel to 90°C translucent bowl filling.

Cup with push button detachable water sticks.

Two Venturi saliva pumps (low and high).

Gas stool (Ref.720)
Weight: 450 Kg (several colors)

Ref: IBSCG1963

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