Dental radiology

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Dental Radiology

Panoramic examinations:
Adult, Child, Left side, right side, anterior, TMJ, open/closed mouth and Maxillary sinus.


Panoramic examinations: Adult, Child, Left side, Right side, Anterior, TMJ and Maxillary Sinus
Microprocessor controlled multi-pulse constant potential RF generator
Anode: 61 to 82 kV, 4 to 10 mA, maximum exposure time 15 s
Automatic adjustment of technical factors with input of examination type and patient size
Source image distance: 51 cm
CCD sensor: dynamic acquisition on 12 levels
Acquisition area equivalent to 15 x 30 cm
Interfacing via PCI card
Software for Windows 7
Size of acquired images: 3200 x 1600 px
Storage of images in BMP or JPG
Weight 200 KG
Minimum space requirement: 1030 x 960 x 2200 (h) mm
Delivered with a floor mounting base


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