DGS CardioTest v.140

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The DGS CardioTest v.140 is a diagnostic station that allows to perform electrocardiographic stress tests and classic resting tests. Its system allows to visualize, write, generate reports and archive ECG tests.

Technical characteristics :

– Excellent quality of ECG tracings thanks to the use of digital filters that eliminate floating isoelectric lines and muscle disturbances.

– Uninterrupted ECG signal recording and presentation from 12 leads.

– Presentation of averaged 12-lead P-QRS-T complexes, as well as ST segment level and slope measurement results.

– Automatic measurement of HR, ST level and ST segment slope.

– Automatic control of cycloergometer and treadmill load.

– Archiving and printing of the test report.

– Automatic determination of measurement points, with the possibility of manual correction.

– Automatic analysis of arrhythmias.

– Presentation of parameters concerning: test phase, current load, step time and total effort time.

– Monitored parameters: heart rate, METs, double product, blood pressure, level, ST segment slope and workload.

– Real-time ECG printout.

– Trend overview of all parameters measured during the test.

– Alarm system for monitored parameters and arrhythmias.

– Archiving and printing of a report for a reliable evaluation of the test (such a report includes an ECG recording, averaged P-QRS-T complexes and a table with the results of the measurements).

– Standard test protocols and the possibility to define your own protocols also in RAMP mode.

– Report preview on screen before printing the report.

– Reanalysis function of the performed test.

– Presentation of 3D trends illustrating the evolution of the ST segment.

Standard equipment:

– Medical diagnostic station with cart, 27″ LCD monitor, A4 laser printer and computer.

– CARDIOTEST software with USB security key.

Works with the treadmill ASPEL TRM-612 and the cyclo-ergometer ASPEL CRG-601.

Ref : IBSCG2601

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