Dialysis chair with meal tray

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Dialysis chair with meal tray

Comfort :

Quiet, smooth electric cylinders for precise positioning.
Easy access for patient and staff.
Armrests adjustable in height, rotation, tilt and length.
Electric footrest.

Can be used for many procedures – dialysis, blood transfusion, oncology and chemotherapy.
Ø 125mm casters ensure easy maneuverability.

Emergency Trendelenburg position at 13°.
Protruding position at 3°.
Integrated battery for a continuous operation even in case of power failure.
A serum rod fixed on the base.
Manufactured with high quality materials ( steel structure, stainless steel screws, M1 classified coating).
Detailed features :

Seat tilt combined with electric variable height.
Backrest adjustable by independent electric jack.
Leg rest adjustable by independent electric cylinder.
Combined electric movement of backrest and armrests.
Footrest manually adjustable.
Manual control with emergency position.
4 castors with brake Ø 125mm.
Steel structure with cloud grey epoxy finish.
Upholstery with 80mm high comfort foam with washable cover classified M1.
Load capacity 170kg.
Available options :

Shelf and vices
Push bar
Plastic protection for leg rest
Footrest, headrest, accumulator for emergency movement.

Ref : IBSCG889

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