Digital Radiograph Mex+ 1012 WCA

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Ii-Ion high-performance wireless flat screen with high
-performance battery
– Excellent image quality due to amorphous silicon with CSI-scintillator
– Only 3.6 kg for convenient and flexible use
– great benefits for outdoor radiography and mobile applications
– Sensor type: TFT amorphous silicon (Single panel)
– X-ray converter: CSI: TI

– Total number of pixels: 2080 x 2560 pixels Active pixel area: 25.9 cm x 32.0 cm
-No pixel: 127 ªm Resolution limit: 3.9 lp / mm
– Power range: 40 – 150 kV Conversion A / D 16 bit
-Image Acquisition
-Duration: 7 sec.
-Weight: 3.6 kg (battery and handle included)
– Battery type: lithium-ion battery
– Exposure numbers per charge: 700 images

REF : MEX+/1012WCA

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