Extra Flat Negatoscope 3 LED-Weiko Lighting

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Weiko’s ultra thin negatoscope (New. Generation).

Case made of anodized aluminium profile resistant to scratches
Wall mounting by buttonholes on the back of the device
Diffusing acrylic screen, opaline diffusing of 3 mm thickness
Film fastening by wear-free and non-adjustable steel rollers
Light source: LED lamps, color temperature 7200° K, intensity 3500cd/m².
Stabilized lighting, no flickering
Lighting control by two-pole switch on the side
Dimmer switch: adjust the luminance from 30% to 100%.
Standard power cord, 2 poles + ground
Useful surface: 108 x 42 cm
External dimensions: 117.7 x 50.5 x 3 cm
Lamp life +/- 80,000 hours
Net weight : 12 kg

Ref : IBSCG644

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