FIREFLY digital wireless otoscope

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Digital wireless otoscope FIREFLY DE550
Connected otoscope for use in telemedicine
Wireless High Precision Digital Portable Video Otoscope; performs very precise and clear observations of the ear.

– Resolution of 720×480 real pixels without processing with interpolation techniques.
– Provides instant images and videos: DE500 uses an advanced image processing engine virtually eliminating visual lag, providing an intuitive user experience.
– Magnification up to 50x optically and 150x digitally for accurate analysis.
– Equipped with multi-coated glass lenses, rather than plastic, providing superb depth of field and unparalleled image sharpness.
– High quality ultra-bright LEDs with adjustable brightness are installed.
– Integrates easily with digital medical records (EMR)

– Sensor Resolution: 720 x 480
– Image – Video : Format: YUY2 / Frame rate: 30 FPS / Format: JPEG / BMP / AVI
– Image / Video Properties: Color: Saturation, Hue / Exposure: Brightness, Contrast / Image: Image Sharpness, Gamma
– Fully Adjustable Brightness: 4 Ultra Bright LEDs / Fully Adjustable Brightness
– Accessories: 3/4/5 mm specula included
– Operating Systems Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac (Intel) OS-X 10.4 +

Technical Sheet

Warranty: 1 year

Model: IBSCG2738

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