FTR Bobath Alaventi 02 electric table

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ALAVENTI 02 is a special product that functionally meets the needs of patients and physiotherapists at a high level and has an increased carrying capacity.

ALAVENTI 02 can be used safely in hospitals, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, many different sports fields, workplaces, elderly care homes and other health institutions.

Our table ALAVENTI with its 70 mm high 32 DNS HR foam top upholstery, it provides a high level of patient comfort during long and tiring sessions.(HR Sponge: it is more comfortable than conventional sponges since the pressing and shrinkage resistance values are close to each other.)

ALAVENTI 02 Electric Physiotherapy table makes its height movement with a linear actuator that provide 6000 N/m3 power working with the help of electric hand control.

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1 year parts and labour warranty

Ref : IBSCG2687

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