Glass microfiber filter, GF / C D.47MM- per 100

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Glass microfiber filter, GFFA grade (1.6 µm)

Grade GF / A: high efficiency general laboratory filtration
GF / B grade: thicker than GF / A, higher strength and increased load capacity. Recommended for the filtration of concentrated suspensions of small particles requiring the absorption of a relatively large volume of liquid.
Grade GF / C: standard filter for the determination of M.E.S. (suspended solids) in water.
Grade GF / D: prefilter for membranes
Grade GF / F: for critical applications. Capable of stopping particles smaller in size than those retained by other glass microfiber filters.

Lot ref. Ø (mm). type. unit / lot.
GFFA-025-100. 25. flat. 100.
GFFA-047-100. 47. flat. 100.
GFFA-055-100. 55. flat. 100.
GFFA-090-100. 90. flat. 100.

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