HB250 Home Care Bed

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HB250 home care bed 2+1 adjustments, electrically operated beds

Backrest and knee rest adjustment is controlled by an electric remote control, footrest is adjusted by a manual ratchet mechanism, height is fixed, beds are equipped with side rails. It is designed to meet both short and long term basic care needs and to be used for patients who require caregiver supervision or for patients with self-control ability.

Suggested areas of use: home care, hospitals, nursing homes.

Supports Semi-fowler and Fowler positions. Backrest adjustable from 0° to 70° and knee rest from 0° to 35°. The semi-fowler position, with a 30° backrest adjustment, can be used for people with cardiac, respiratory and neurological disorders or using a nasogastric catheter. It also meets the requirements of the Fowler position, with a 45° angle for the base backrest and a flexion position for the knee rest, to ensure comfort, relax breathing, be used after thoracic surgery or for patients with cardiovascular problems. Since the backrest and knee rest can be adjusted separately, it is ideal for activities such as sitting for long periods of time, reading books, using a computer and eating food. We offer a variety of platform cover and caster options for HB250 models.

Side Rails: The PP folding side rails were developed to allow for comfortable entry and exit from the bed and safe retrieval as they are covered along the entire length of the side. The stable construction and ergonomic holding points help patients to get out of bed easily and safely. It contains 2 side rail sections on each side, which can be controlled separately. It is designed for people who have difficulty sitting and standing up, and offers total safety against the risk of falling. It moves up and down smoothly thanks to its gas spring mechanism and “soft drop” function. When it is in the up position, make sure it is locked in place with its automatic locking mechanism. It includes an angle indicator on the side rails, you can adjust the backrest to the desired position depending on the patient’s situation on the bed. The PP side rails are washable, autoclavable, resistant to cleaning chemicals, lightweight, durable and minimize the risk of injury with their smooth finishes. Overall, the bed has the appearance of professional, high-level use.

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1 year parts and labour warranty

Ref : IBSCG2651

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