HD Adipometer

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Skinfold thickness measurement – mechanical With PC cable for data transfer: This high precision instrument measures the thickness of a skinfold, including the fat layer, thus indicating to the physician the position of the patient’s subcutaneous tissue. Recalibration possible. Designed to meet international standards, the Gima adipometer is equipped with springs that exert a pressure of 10 g/mm2 on the skin fold and a precise scale that measures the thickness in mm. The possibility to recalibrate the pressure solves the problem of traditional adipometers, namely the decrease of the spring tension in time. Easy to use and read: Equipped with a double reading scale or a digital display, it is supplied with an illustration showing the recommended measuring positions. Tables allow to deduce from the measurement data the right percentage of fat mass and to correctly assess the patient. Elegant and ergonomic: A special nylon finish avoids the unpleasant contact of metal against the skin.


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