Hettich ROTIXA 500RS centrifuge

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Its construction makes the ROTIXA 500 RS a reliable piece of equipment with a long service life. With a large capacity and a maximum RCF of 5,252g, it can centrifuge up to 4 blood bags of 450-750ml per cycle. Special pods hold the blood bags during centrifugation and guarantee a clean separation of the components. For industrial research applications, the ROTIXA 500 RS can accommodate up to four 1,000ml bottles, special racks and many different accessories for a variety of applications.

The cooling system is standard in this model. The temperature can be set between -20°C and +40°C.

Maximum capacity of : 4 x 1000 ml – 92 conical tubes of 15 ml / 4 x blood bags / 200 blood collection tubes
Large sample volume
89 programmable ranges
Key switch to protect data from unauthorized modifications.
Weight: 219 kg
Dimensions: 973 x 650 x 814 mm

Ref: IBSCG2239

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