HLT-712 v.201 recorder

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This HLT-712 v.201 12-channel digital ECG recorder uses the Holter method (with 10, 7 and 4 electrodes). The tests are directly recorded on the micro SDHC card (within 48 hours or 7 days), and are read and analyzed by the HOLCARD software. It has the ability to record the stimulation and two types of events.

Technical specifications:

– Battery powered.

– Battery power saving functions.

– 3 or 12 lead ECG recording.

– Detached electrode detection in configuration mode.

– Addition of the patient’s name and surname to the ECG recording.

– Tri-color LED and sound signaling to inform about the recorder status.

– Indication of a damaged micro SDHC card, low battery, INOP.

– Start recording via the event button, or automatically after 10 minutes.

– Isoline filter 0.05 Hz

Standard equipment:

– Disposable electrodes – 50 pcs.

– Alkaline battery AA – 1 pc.

– Micro SDHC card.

– ECG cable with 10 electrodes KRH-712.

– Disposable recorder bag – 10 pcs.

– Recorder user’s manual.

– Brief instructions for using the recorder.

– Instructions for use of the ECG cable.

– ECG cable with 7 electrodes KRH-703.

Ref : IBSCG2602

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