Holtex standard X-ray viewer, 2 ranges, 2 x 45W

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Holtex standard negatoscope, 2 ranges, 2 x 45W

The structure of the screen is made of high resistance aluminium alloy.

The corners are protected by a steel plate, covered with ABS. The screen is made of methacrylic polymer. The body of the light box is made of high-strength aluminum alloy.

The interior and exterior are coated with an antistatic spray powder.

These viewboxes offer a system of fixation for radios allowing a simple installation and removal, and without consequence for the radios.

They can be placed or fixed on a wall.

  • Voltage/ Frequency: 220V/ 50-60Hz
  • Luminance: 3 000 cd/m2
  • Weight with packaging 12 kg
  • Screen dimensions : 72 x 43.5 cm
  • External dimensions : 80 x 58 x 12


Réf : OTA1002

Aucune donnée caractéristique n'est disponible pour ce produit.