IAC Acoustics 250 series audiometry booth

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IAC is the world leader in the field of sound insulation in the service of medicine. Also offering solutions dedicated to the industry, the English firm excels in the medical field however with the manufacture of audiometric testing equipment particularly qualitative and compliant with the acoustic criteria required, technical standards and national and international specifications.

The 350 Maxi personal audiometry booth ensures that healthcare professionals work in optimal conditions, in an environment exclusively designed for performing auditory tests. The cab design was dictated by ISO 8253-1: 2010 (International Standard Specifying Operating Procedures and Requirements for Performing Audiometric Tests), which is therefore fully compliant.

The 350 Maxi personal audiometry booth is larger than the 250 mini model. It has a larger interior space lit by 3 LED 12 volt lamps. It is ventilated by a 12 volt Tranquil-Aire ™ IAC system. A molded PVC seat with a depth of 450 mm (black color) is installed as standard for the patient.

Outside, the 350 Maxi personal audiometry booth does not include a tablet. It has a connection panel for connecting the audiometer. A separate stand must therefore be provided for the installation of the audiometer. The cab features acoustical glazing and a Noise-Lock® IAC door with magnetic seals.

For connection to electricity, a 3m connection cable with a 12-volt socket is provided for connecting the cab to the 220 / 240V power grid.


Outside: 100 x 106.9 x 253.3 cm
Inner: 89.4 x 94.8 x 2000 cm
Weight: 350 Kg

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