Infinity Cross Flex Dental Chair

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OLSEN (Brazil)

  • Automatic seat and backrest adjustment Zero position + three programmable working positions + spindle position
  • Emergency stop switch Multi-articulated headrest with
  • Press Click system Emergency position (inclination of the backrest of -5º)
  • Acetabular joint (Ergoflex)
  • Multifunctional pedal with progressive handpiece drive
  • Swivel right armrest
  • All external coatings in thermoformed
  • ABS (raw material)
  • Movements activated by the panel / pedal Blue
  • Touch® Premium Padding Genuine leather coat optional Solid collector and automatic steam purge in the pneumatic system
  • Two Bosch electric motors without oil

– Delivery Unit “1.5 Premium CF” (Ref 301)

  • Colibri System (Continental) Counterweighted flexible arm with pneumatic locking activated by a capacitive sensor 3 handpiece positions + 1 three-way syringe
  • Ultrasonic scaler with LED light and endodontic function
  • Electric micromotor
  • Exclusive Air Jet® system X-ray spectator
  • Blue Touch® System to activate all functions of the device
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Exclusive ChronoLub® system with control panel for adjusting the handpiece
  • Exclusive Thermo Comfort® System Borden or Midwest Connection

– LCD Display “Premium” Surgical Light (Code 401)

  • LED light Capacity: 8.000-24.000 Lux continuous adjustment
  • Proximity sensor for activation and intensity level
  • Blue System® System
  • Remote Pedal On / Off Switch
  • Removable and autoclavable side handles
  • Multifaceted mirror without shadows

– “Premium” water unit (Ref 503)

  • 90 ° swivel Translucent bowl of spittoon
  • Water controls for cup and bowl flush with timer detachable water sticks
  • UV LED with antimicrobial properties USB slot

– Wizard logic module (Ref 763)

  • Blue Touch® System to activate all functions of the device
  • Bicarbonate prophylaxis system
  • LED curing light Venturi ejector Ø 6,5mm Vortice®
  • High Power Saliva Ejector with Electric Drive Three-way syringe

Armchair sold alone. To see the options, please consult us.

Ref : IBSCG1962

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