Instrumentation for Gynecology

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Instrumentation for Gynecology

Gynaecology is a very demanding specialty and requires the use of a wide range of medical instruments.

These include specialised gynaecological instruments for the insertion and removal of IUDs, disposable or autoclavable specula and many types of forceps and clamps, the most common of which are used to grasp the cervix.


Sterile IUD insertion kit / set
IUD removal instruments
IUD wire cutters (box of 25)
Sterile Cusco Speculum (box of 10)
Sterile Collin speculum (box of 10)
Collin speculum.
Sterile single-use plastic Kocher forceps (box of 100).
Single-use Pozzi forceps (box of 50).
Doyen forceps
Cheron clamp
Sterile plastic bent Cheron clamp (box of 25).
Sterile single use Gynius cervical biopsy forceps (box of 50)
Stainless steel rotating forceps for cervical biopsy
Stainless steel Tischler biopsy forceps for cervical biopsy
Baby Tischler stainless steel forceps for cervical biopsy
Titanium clamp model Tischler for cervical biopsy.
Titanium clamp model Baby
Tischler for cervical biopsy.
Simple Hegar candle
Simple box for Hegar candles
Laminar for dilatation (box of 25) Non-sterile single-use proctoscope (per 25 or 100)


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