KIT of consumables in Gyneco

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KIT of consumables in Gynaecology


Wooden Ayres spatula (box of 200)
Sterile hysterometers with cursor (box of 25)
Non-sterile soft gynobrush (box of 50)
Soft gynobrush with atraumatic tip (box of 100)
ROVERS cervical brush (box of 50)
Non sterile plastic Ayres spatula (box of 100)
Gynobrush combi (box of 100)
Cell Sweep brush (box of 100)
Pipette for endometrial biopsy (box of 25 kits)
Endosampler (box of 25 kits)
Rubber Chest Strap, width 100 mm, length 1.50m
Rubber Chest Strap 3.2 cm wide (per unit)
Flexible sterile hysterometers (box of 25)


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