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Elipar Deepcure LED curing light
Characteristics of the Deep Cure L photo-polymerization lamp

LED photopolymer lamp with wide range and depth polymerization capability.
Consistent distribution of energy throughout the restoration.
Thanks to this LED lamp it is possible to obtain a reliable and predictable polymerization, even in the lower part of the mouth.
It produces a more even balance even in the deeper areas.
Polymerization with greater depth, even when the positioning of the lamp becomes difficult.
Intensity: 1.470mW / cm2.
Wavelength: 430-480nm.
Power supply: Lithium battery (120 min ~ 720 10sec.) Polymerization). With constant light regardless of the battery charge.
Built-in battery.
Robust plastic housing.
Friction adjustment, 360 ° rotation, light guide.
Curing time: 10 seconds for most composites
Light guide: 10 mm, black and autoclavable. Optimum intraoral reach thanks to the geometry of the handpiece.
Weight: 180 grams.
Quiet operation.
Product Information:

Manufacturer: 3M ESPE
Manufacturer Part No: 76973
Handpiece built-in Li-ion battery.
10 mm light guide
Light protector.
Universal power supply with 5 adapters
Supplied with polymerization glasses.
Warranty: 1 year

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